Acrylic coating

Acrylic coating still has another name – “hard cover”. This is one of the most advanced types of artificial surfaces for playgrounds (sport) grounds. In Ukraine produced. Consider this type of coverage on the example of the company’s products CASALI (Italy).

The materials coating system are based on acrylic components without styrene and plasticizers. Environmentally friendly. Quality confirmed by certificates ITF (International Tennis Federation) and the FIT (Italian Tennis Federation).

Excellent performance, comfortable and attractive game courts finish makes them the most desirable and technically latest tennis courts in the world. Specifically acrylic coating provides stability ball rebound, while the use of additional layers of soft significantly absorb the blow of the foot to the surface courts, without affecting other parameters of the game and can be used both indoor and outdoor courts. US Open and Australian occur, for example, on such courts.

Casali systems are ideal for tennis courts and may also be used for indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, handball, etc.

The benefits of strong, durable 7-10 years before the first restoration, to restore the damaged cover drawing 1 or 2 additional layers, wide range of colors.

Coatings “hard” (acrylic) is applied on a dry, flat, without potholes and cracks, high-quality asphalt concrete foundation.

LLC “TPK Budsport” performs all work related to this type of coverage. Also provides maintenance (repair) of premises of another’s production.
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