Quality tennis court coverage not only provides a comfortable and safer game, it depends on the speed and style of play. Covering tennis courts are divided according to the International Tennis Federation for ten types depending on the material used and 5 types depending on the speed of the game.

The classic coating grass tennis courts considered. Tennis court with naturflnoyu grass is costly in construction and maintenance, in addition to game coverage impossible at this rainy weather. Today there are many types of artificial grass designed to tennis courts. Playing on grass courts is the fastest, as reflected in the ball low. So players must move quickly in order to hit the ball.

For quick games also use acrylic coating (so-called “hard cover”). It provides stability ball rebound, while the use of additional layers of soft significantly absorb the blow of the foot to the surface courts, without affecting other parameters of the game and can be used both indoor and outdoor courts. This coating is also the most popular for tennis courts. US Open and Australian occur, for example, on such courts.

To cover the courts used ground mixture of clay, sand, crushed brick or stone Too often, adding crumb rubber and plastic – this mixture is called tenisyt. The usual color of soil courts – reddish brown or dark green. Soil courts considered the slowest, with a high rebound ball. Accordingly, they paced the slowest. The advantage of this type of coverage is the possibility of operating both intense heat and at high humidity and little rain during when covering the court does not wet. Lack-close and in need of constant care. On the ground courts held French Open.

Operation is easier to rubber and plastic modular self-leveling coatings require virtually no maintenance, and suitable for both open and closed for the courts.

In addition to courts, indoor sports suits linoleum. A possible outdoors game and concrete or asphalt. The advantages of concrete and coatings asfaltnogo evident as drawbacks: byudzhetnist of one, but injuries after falling from the other side.

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