Polyurethane coatings

We will present the example polyurethane coating products of our company partnera- Unirubber.

polyurethane coating – a coating of a mixture of the original components of rubber-based EPDM rubber with the addition of pigments, chalk, oils and other chemical components. After curing tiles got broken into small granules of the required size. Through the use of various pigment granules obtained the desired color.

There are three types of rubber crumb:

Granules EPDM

High-quality colored rubber chips made from the original mixture of rubber-based EPDM rubber, 100% pigmented during production, and crushing into homogeneous particles of a particular size. Used in the construction of playgrounds and sports fields.

EPDM granules mulch

As EPDM granules, made from a mixture of rubber based on EPDM rubber and 100% -ym pihmentuvannyam in the production process, and the bulk density half that of conventional EPDM crumb; mulch is not suitable for the construction of sports surfaces, but suitable for conventional playgrounds.

Granules SBR (base)

rubber crumb obtained by recycling rubber-technical products, stores and good quality similar to EPDM, resistant to wear and UV radiation and elasticity. It is used as a basis for the regeneration and children’s playgrounds.

Methods of applying polyurethane coating

Fill (bulk liquid rubber coating)

Crumb rubber is mixed with glue applied on previously prepared by the foundation. This allows you to accurately and precisely apply the top layer around all ob’yektiv- swing, fixtures, etc. You can apply different patterns and images of different colors. This method of application is especially useful on uneven ground waves or hills.


EPDM rubber crumb size of 0.5-2.5 mm is mixed with a polyurethane adhesive and apply a special spray to the base of chips SBR.

Rubber Tiles

The surface embedded with tiles that combine the functions of a base and top coat. This method requires careful preparation of the base, because the tile must be placed exactly. It should be well planned placement of fixing facilities.

Covering filler rubber coating requires a firm surface. This can be asphalt, concrete, paving stones, similar surfaces. Due to the high adhesion to separate the rubber coating is extremely difficult.

Rubber fluid (aspic and sprayed) continuous coating suitable for use as an artificial covering almost all team sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, tennis and others. Suitable for continuous coverage of race tracks and other facilities for athletics and non-fiction sports. It is also possible to use children’s and sports grounds.

The main materials are imported. Independently perform work on the installation of artificial rubber coating Customer will not, this work requires special equipment, technologies, experience and knowledge.

LLC “TPK Budsport” performs all work related to this type of coverage. Also provides maintenance (repair) of premises of another’s production. Welcome to cooperate!