Children’s playgrounds

The main goal of covering the children’s maidanchika is to ensure the safe operation of the gaming equipment installed on it. First of all, it concerns depreciation with the fall of the child and the softness of the fall to prevent wounds.

There are many types of cover for children’s playgrounds. Optimal are artificial grass, rubber tiles and rubber surfacing, as in addition to providing cushioning, these types of coatings pass water well, preventing the formation of stagnant puddles to provide a relatively fast drying of the surface. Thus, the platform can be used in any weather and maintain it in a clean and neat condition.

It is also possible to equip the cover with more budgetary options – sand and wood chips.
Depending on the age category of the equipment (at what age is calculated) and, corresponding to the height of a possible fall, the thickness of the coating is chosen.

In the case of a sports, gymnastic or training platform, the coating serves not only for safe USE, but also for keeping the object clean and in order. For sports grounds, in addition to the above types of coatings, also concrete, screening, asphalt.

LLC “TPK Budsport” performs all activities related to the installation of children’s and sports grounds. We also provide services for maintenance (repair) of similar facilities of foreign production. We invite you to cooperate!